|The swimmer’s ‘journey through aquatics’ starts with our Pre-School classes, which are designed to develop water confidence. Emphasis is on the development of basic motor skills and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games. Swimmers will use armbands and other appropriate floatation devices at this stage in order to provide buoyancy in the water.


Duckling 1

Make a supervised safe entry with adult support

Kick 2 metres on the back with adult support

Float on the back with adult support behind the head

Blow bubbles at the water surface

Wet the head without submersion

Travel without assistance 2 metres to a floating object


Duckling 2

Make a sitting entry with adult support

Blow an object for a distance of 2 metres

Using a buoyancy aid, rotate through 180° without assistance.

Move 5 metres along the rail or wall without assistance

Travel 3 metres using arms and/or legs without assistance

Submerge the face with confidence


Duckling 3

Make a sitting entry into the water with support

Make a jump in entry into the water with support

Kick 5 metres on the front holding a float

Kick 5 metres on the back holding a float

Blow bubbles with mouth underwater

Float on front OR back without support

Travel 5 metres on front to the side of the pool

Show a torpedo shape on front or back when pushing off the wall